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Send flowers to foreign friends, what minefields do not step on?

1. in Japan, chrysanthemum is usually a royal family flower, so the average person can not send chrysanthemums. Lotus don’t send Japanese, also don’t want to send comb, because comb pronunciation and death close. Pick up gifts, use both hands, nor open gifts to your face. When you see the giver again, mention the gift and express thanks. In addition, in numbers, the Japanese avoid “4”, “6”, “9” a few figures, because their pronunciation is similar to “death”, “rogue” and “labor”, are unlucky. Sending flowers to the patient can not be carried with the root, because the “root” pronunciation is almost sleepy, which makes people think it can not sleep.

2. in Britain, people who receive gifts should open gifts in front of everyone. Usually send gifts that are not expensive but have commemorative gifts. Remember not to send lilies because it means death. Nor can they send yellow roses. They think the flower symbolizes separation. They are also allergic to the ink green, think the ink green will bring him down. Moreover, English people generally do not like to watch or plant red or white flowers.
3. in Germany, people do not like guests to give roses as they like, because roses have romantic meanings in germany. In general, a white rose can not be sent to a friend’s wife, because it is a gift for lovers, they love the blue of the best, and regarded as the national flower. When sending flowers, be sure not to wrap them in paper.
4. in France, not with the chrysanthemum, chrysanthemum on behalf of mourning, because of the use of only at the funeral, do not send a crane design gift; can not be sent to walnut. They think that the crane is stupid symbol, and walnut is unlucky. The French prefer blue to yellow. They spoil iris very much and regard it as the national flower.
5. people in Romania, what color the flowers love, but the flowers, not a single double, birthday is an exception, if you attend the birthday party and the two branches, flowers on the table, it is the most popular.

How much are the 99 roses?

Nowadays, girls and love are 99 roses on Memorial day. Because often more moving each other, but also cause onlookers, so that there will be better effect of sending flowers. However, the price of 99 roses will also hurt some human flesh. How much are the 99 roses? What’s the price of the 99 roses?
Generally speaking, the price of 99 roses will be around 500 yuan. Of course, this refers to the common rose, BLUELOVER, snow rose, Diana rose and the price will be a little more expensive. In addition, in Valentine’s day, Tanabata, Christmas and other holidays, the price of 99 roses will be higher, even more than 1000 yuan.
Flowers / eternal love

99 red roses + + sweets + colored Eustoma Euphorbia
99 red roses
The red rose is warm and has a strong appeal. Coupled with the tall packaging, emitting a more expensive, but also to have a bunch of charm.
Language: “all things in the world may die, eternal love, everlasting and unchanging.”.” Pakistan folk song “eternal love” sings the true meaning of love, and also sings the common aspiration of the people of the world.
99 red roses: constant promise
When it rains, give her an umbrella; when it’s cold, give her a warm arm; when it’s dark, there’s always a light for her; she gives her a warm sunshine when she’s in the morning. Love her and send her a bunch of 99 roses!
How much are the 99 roses? What’s the price of the 99 roses? Generally speaking, in the non holiday period, 99 rose price is 500-600 yuan, except blue roses, roses, roses and other special snow Diana rose bouquet.

How much is the Eternal Rose of Ecuador?

I don’t know what to begin with. Ecuador roses are popular among lovers. Compared with ordinary roses, Ecuador rose flowers appear large, more colorful, it will give a stunning feeling. It is said that most of the girls received the rose of Ecuador, will be tempted heart love. Sure enough, the beauty of the heart, there are people ah!
How much is the Ecuador rose? What’s the price of the rose in Ecuador?
Of course, especially valuable and beautiful Ecuador rose is not expensive at all. Generally speaking, Ecuador rose 100 yuan and 1 flowers; the giant Ecuador rose is more precious and more expensive in price. However, in order to capture the hearts of girls, it is worthwhile to send roses to Ecuador.

Where good flowers online

The flowers to the shop or web site? What the best site to buy flowers? Where to buy flowers online?
The flowers are generally in order to give a lot of time, or to different friends, lovers, classmates, so of course should choose online flowers. Flowers web sites have different places to send flowers service, as long as not too partial place can generally serve; and also prepared a mind card, you can pass blessings.

If not the flowers give advice, also choose to order flowers online. In the flower class website, you can see flowers after dressing effect, so will know that they love what kind of flowers; in addition, the flowers on the website are the price tag, for those who are not good at bargaining friends but easy, do not worry about buy again. At present, the trusted website network (in full flower ceremony flowers and gifts, China network) has been a very good reputation, also can focus on the flower ceremony WeChat, enjoy more preferential order flowers, flower ceremony download network app, receive new 100 yuan spree Oh ~ is not very affordable?
Here is a small recommendation of the flower money:
Love for you — 1 heads of lilies, 11 for pink, and Diana for roses
If you don’t leave, I’ll never give up. Love is after the storm clenched hands; a walk each other.

BLUELOVER a how much money?

BLUELOVER a how much money? What is the approximate BLUELOVER price?
BLUELOVER is actually composed of white rose, pink staining, there are two kinds of methods.
One is in the flower growth period began dyeing, color can be evenly attached to petals, more natural, such BLUELOVER is expensive, generally every flower need hundreds of yuan, the BLUELOVER rarely seen in the market.
The other is a common white rose after picking dyed blue, the color is not natural, but also easy to fade, but the price is relatively cheap, the price of 20-50 yuan per flower, because of other reasons slightly floating, appear on the market the BLUELOVER is this.

Blue rose bouquet (BLUELOVER) recommended: love you.
A white shirt, mark rose, pure fragrance, the taste of instant happiness, love your smile, love your beauty and your scent of a woman.
Blue rose bouquet (BLUELOVER) recommendation two: the other side of love
Florid: my mind your beautiful face, love your heart will never change, hands over the Cape horizon, your happy smiling face told me that I love the other side.
Blue rose bouquet (BLUELOVER) recommendation three: bright star
Flower: more gorgeous flowers, how wonderful season, say I love you, please you must believe, this moment.

What flowers can you send on the first date?

What should I pay attention to on the first date? What are the main things you should pay attention to on your first date?
Nowadays, “seeing death” has become the pain of many people, and it also boils down to “looking at the face””. In fact, many times, after the meeting, there is no following, the main reason is not performing well. There are people who look at faces, but more people will care about the charm that comes out. So, on the first date, be sure to pay attention to some details and make the best impression on each other.

(1) do not say “I am” before the first date……
Try to talk about life topic, don’t mention love. If she asks you about your past, you have to answer carefully, but never make up a story.
(2) do not let the other person think you are a busy person, you have to give her the opportunity to meet at any time as a comfortable feeling.
(3) do not talk too much about your past affairs for the first time. Save the topic for the future, save the story, and keep a sense of mystery.
(4) you should be confident. People generally like people who are confident, but you need to understand that there is a clear line between confidence and complacency. Let her know that you are modest, calm, but confident.
(5) dialogue should be interesting and maintain liquidity. You need to be quick, quick of eye and deft of hand. Neither side of the two can be an exclusive leader, which cannot be called a conversation.
(6) don’t meet for one or two hours and rush to reach him.
(7) do not give up on him because he is so different from his old lover.
(8) pay attention to people with mental problems. If you have something weird in your mind, don’t ignore it, think it over.
Also, if you’re going to impress each other on your first date, you’d better bring a bouquet of roses to let you know that you value the date and create a romantic atmosphere.
Flowers on first date: Sunny coast
Flower: hand in hand with you walk the beach, draw two hearts, on the beach in the heart, never separated.

How much does eternal life cost?

How much does eternal life cost? What’s the price for an eternity flower? How to buy a box of eternal life?
For the girls to see her boyfriend always melancholy and moody, send flowers every day will wither, conceal inner lost, seems to have lost the important things in life, and even want to tell each other not to flowers. But, even more unable to control the love of flowers, especially the roses that represent love, the blooming beauty always makes people forget any unhappiness in life.
In fact, we can send everlasting flowers, which can keep the bloom beautiful for more than three years. Although the price of fresh cut flower life than to some high, but think about the girls received eternal life flowers of joy, think about his girlfriend every day to see their eternal smile send flowers, the price is a little high and why? For some people, the meaning of life is large, partly because of love.

Deep blue rose 6 — fam import living branch, pink peach rose 3
Love into a blue sea, swaying in the heart, all your secrets I can solve, and I like the surging undercurrent!
At first sight, pink Ecuador imports rose 5 living, imports rose 4 purple, pink and purple Austen rose 4
If a man is a rainbow, he knows it at the top
Time flowers —- import pink rose 2, import purple rose 1 branches
In the sunshine of spring, you are the most beautiful memory, you bloom like flowers, let me heart.
How much does eternal life cost? What’s the price for an eternity flower? How to buy a box of eternal life? Unlike other commodities, what is attached to it is not practical value, but emotion that is important to anyone, love, affection and friendship. So, buy eternal life, buy not only flowers, but also warm affection, romantic atmosphere and surprise.

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